Mark Clayborne
Client Dispute Manager

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Mark Clayborne

Client Dispute Manager

Mark is the author of Hidden Credit Repair Secrets which he wrote after turning his, and hundreds of his client’s, lives around by fixing their credit. He started his own credit repair business and created the leading CRO software, Client Dispute Manager, to empower business owners to have better lives for themselves and their families.

Steve Reger

ConsumerDirect, Inc.

Steve is a leading authority on credit reporting, financial crimes, identity theft, synthetic identities, and credit repair after retiring as TransUnion’s Senior Director of Consumer Services and Fraud Victim Assistance. Steve is regularly called upon by law enforcement and bank investigators for his expertise, assisting in over 600 high-profile court cases.

David B. Coulter

ConsumerDirect, Inc.

David B. Coulter is a lifelong entrepreneur and passionate product developer that was inspired to create an online system to give consumers back the control over their money, credit, and identity after experiencing a credit reporting nightmare. Today, he is the CEO of ConsumerDirect and this system continues to evolve to help over 4 million people achieve their financial goals.

Frank Hernandez

Frank Hernandez

Legendary Solutions

Frank Hernandez has generated over half a million leads in the credit services industry utilizing data-driven methods that offer the best leverage for a busy business owner that wants more leads. By testing thousands of advertising variations across multiple channels, he’ll uncover the the best-performing and easy to deploy methods for simple and scalable automation.

Brian Durocher

Slate Financial

As a key player in various enterprises, including the game-changing Slate Financial Solutions, Brian emphasizes dedication to improving the consumer experience by providing legal and financial solutions that “meet consumers where they’re at”. With a relentless pursuit of authenticity, his ultimate mission is to bring order out of chaos.

Nate Ryan

ConsumerDirect, Inc.

Nate Ryan is a modern magic-man. He turns brand ideas into publicly traded entities on the NASDAQ markets, website clicks into paying customers, and marketing strategies into demand-gen powerhouses. His success is attributed to his passion for resolving complex customer challenges and creating enriching, and enchanting, user experiences.

Anthony Davenport​​

Regal Credit Consulting Corp

Anthony is the CEO of Regal Credit Management and an Amazon Top 100 best-selling author of Your Score, a real-world guide to navigating the world of consumer credit. He conducts business across the globe and holds advanced certification FICO educational seminars for thousands of professional athletes, lawyers, and entertainers.

Shonda Martin

Shonda Martin

Road to 750

Shonda shattered records for single-day enrollments for any partner with the launch of her DIY program, Credit Academy. Known as the “Queen of Easy Credit Repair,” Shonda grew her Road to 750+ Facebook group into a thriving business platform through genuine audience connection, generous education, and an unmatched work ethic. 

Dylan Shively

James Warren Group

Dylan defied odds and expectations when he transformed himself from an everyday employee to an accomplished entrepreneur, credit expert, and motivational speaker. From raising $4,000 to help kids pay off lunch debt, to securing 1,000 affiliate CROs and counting, Dylan’s sales and marketing tactics are constantly evolving, and paying off.

Jessica Sandoval

Jessica Sandoval

Fix Credit Express

As the founder of Fix Credit Express, Jessica Sandoval expertly navigates the complex world of credit score and financial reporting. Her strategic approach uncovers inaccuracies and improves credit profiles, opening doors that once seemed impossible to open. Now, her clients secure loans and favorable interest rates that were once out of reach.

Marcos Vega

BankCard USA

Marcos Vega, an Executive Representative focused on merchant acquisition for Bankcard USA, has a trick up his sleeve. Marcos has history in the credit services industry that has earned him the trust of CROs across the nation. Seeing both sides of the equation allows him to help businesses utilize merchant processing services to their full potential. Now, he shares his knowledge at the country’s most prestigious Credit Repair conferences as a Credit Repair Payments Expert.

Kyle Sausser

ConsumerDirect, Inc.

A mastermind in marketing, Kyle Sausser stays at the forefront of industry trends and strives to drive innovation. With over 20 years of experience spanning startups to billion-dollar enterprises, Kyle has navigated competitive landscapes, launched groundbreaking products, and cultivated enduring brand identities.

David Michalek

Credit Versio

David has conducted over 20,000 credit consultations and was instrumental in the evolution of the software-guided DIY credit solution that would become Credit Versio. As Chief Brand Officer, David’s forward-thinking initiatives foster positive change for consumers and CROs alike, always looking for ways to innovate and improve the status quo.

Don Bradley

Don Bradley


Don Bradley served as a trusted defender of companies facing legal action under CROA, FCRA, FDCPA, CCRRAA, and more for over 30 years. He has handled over 900 cases that raise consumer protection issues, working with clients ranging from individuals, small businesses, and the biggest industry names.

David Emery


David served as a chief executive at TransUnion for 24 years. He led the way for TransUnion to become the major credit bureau it is today by spearheading unconventional strategic initiatives. After retiring, David worked as a consultant as the authority on the highest escalation of consumer disputes and ensured compliance moving forward.

Gloria Smith


Gloria Smith is not just a co-founder of Cafe Social House, but also a best-selling author and co-founder of DKR Group LLC. Using her experience serving large audiences across various industries, she expertly guides aspiring entrepreneurs through complex processes with ease to create successful businesses from the start.

Cameron Cohen

Bankcard USA

When Cameron stepped onto the merchant services scene, he did something unexpected: he uncovered a profound void in the merchant processing realm for credit repair organizations. He pioneered the development of BankCard USA’s credit repair merchant program and now delivers competitive and sustainable processing solutions for credit services businesses across the US.

Bruce Politano

Credit Repair Junkies

Bruce serves as the CEO of Credit Repair Junkies which has been nationally recognized for multiple 7 figure earnings year over year. He started, scaled, and sold his credit repair business with over 7,000 clients and now his company processes over 100,000 disputes per year, helping hundreds of CROs find success.

Justin Wilson


Justin achieved $0 to $45M in sales, servicing 52,000+ clients within five years of launching his credit restoration business. Using his military leadership experience, he became a regional corporate sales trainer for a Fortune 500 company, developed teams of over 4,000 sales reps, and developed growth marketing strategies for 75+ businesses nationally.

Sam Trovato

ConsumerDirect, Inc.

As the VP of Product at ConsumerDirect, Sam Trovato is the master of UX/UI magic and leads a team of creative individuals to deliver innovative, impactful, and user-friendly products and features that increase user retention, satisfaction, and revenue for our partners.

Marvin Smith


Marvin Smith is a bestselling author, investor, financial literacy coach, and legendary expert in the financial area as the co-founder of multiple thriving businesses including DKR Group LLC and Cafe Social House. As a serial entrepreneur, time is a precious resource, and by leveraging DIY services, Marvin was able to scale and multiply his credit services business.

Mee Pineda

Mee Pineda

ConsumerDirect, Inc.

As the Chief Operating Officer of ConsumerDirect, Mee Pineda is a proven improvement-identifier and a key driver for business success. Not only was she able to reduce customer service costs by 60%, she was able to increase retention revenue by 200% thanks to her exceptional contract negotiation skills, expertise in project management, and keen ability to execute new product releases at the opportune time.